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Tired of not living up to your full career potential?

You want to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams. But how in the world do you make the best use of all your talents, deal with self-limiting beliefs, and become the professional you know you were meant to be?

I can help you with that.

I’m Dr. Patricia Thompson, and I’m a corporate psychologist, coach, and author who has been working with motivated clients to help them uncover their strengths, find purpose in their work, and achieve their career goals for over a decade. As a clinically trained psychologist who has worked in corporations, clinics, counseling centers, and hospitals, I know that our personal and professional lives are intertwined. Though our main focus will be on your development as a leader and professional, we will take a holistic approach to helping you perform at your peak. Given my broad experience, I am confident I can help you reach your professional goals.

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